Sunday, November 7, 2010

Coupon Deals this week!

So this week I shopped using my coupons.  I'm still waiting on my book to arrive from the Krazy Coupon Lady website, but I've been researching and hitting the deals hard.  The BEST deal I found I had to share.  This one was not planned because it was not advertised.  Dixon and I were walking around Giant (We do this often... don't judge) and I remembered I needed some more milkbone biscuits for Bentley.  They were on sale 2 for 5 and with the purchase of 2 you got a $1 off coupon on your next order.  THEN on each of the boxes was a coupon for $1.50 off a box (they normally retail for around 3 or 3.49 a box in the grocery store). 

So here's the run down:
4 - 1.50 off coupons pulled from the box.
Already on sale 2 for 5
$2.00 off in coupons for next purchase at store.

Total paid: $2 for 4 boxes or 50 cents a piece.  A savings of at least $10!
Proof that the sun was shining here today - look at that deal!
Ryan and I also have been working on getting the kitchen organized this weekend.  We have most of it put away except for some of the misc. stuff that is still needing to find a home.  With the fridge cleaned out and most of the counters clear, I decided to make lunch that was actually something other than a frozen healthy choice meal.  About 2 weeks ago Giant was running a special for buy one get one free on pork roast.  We bought 2 pork loin roasts for 5.99 (awesome deal!).  I also recently scored my favorite uncle Ben's 90 second rice for 3 for $5 with a doubled coupon of $2.00 for a total cost of $1 per bag (well worth it for the convenience).  Awhile ago there was also a sale on frozen veggies: 2 for $3 and I had a $1 off coupon, so our bag of steam fresh frozen corn was only $1.  Finally, Giant was running a special last week for a free loaf of bread with a total purchase of $25.  We hit the $25, so the free bread was an easy decision.

Total meal cost:
Pork: $2.98 for entire roast
Steamer bag of corn: $1
Uncle Ben's Rice Medley: $1
Bread: Free
TOTAL: $4.98 - and we're easily going to get 4 servings or 2 meals out of it. 
$1.25 per person for each meal! Now that's what I like to see =)
Pork roast straight out of the oven.
oooo... jealous of the BLUE counter tops?  I think not.  Jealous of the yummy and cheap meal... maybe? ; )
(Prep for the meal: pork loin roast - put in roaster pan lined with tinfoil.  Cover with tinfoil and bake at 375 degrees for 40 min.  remove tinfoil and bake for an additional 10-12 min. Corn: 6min. on high in microwave and Rice: 90 seconds on high in the microwave.  That's how I roll people... nice and easy!)

At target this weekend I stocked up on Stove Top stuffing for the holiday with coupons, got Ryan some great pants for 7.50 each (with coupons) and bought all of my necessary binder supplies.  I'll be posting later about building my coupon binder and how that all goes.  The other current thing on my to-do list is making the master grocery list for the Thanksgiving week when mom, dad and Erin are out.  Hoping mom will send me a few recipes so I can finish that list out.  9 days worth of meals are planned - now it's all about shopping for the best deals!  I'll keep you posted on that =)

Happy couponing!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Magazines Oh My!

I've been dabbling in coupons this week.  I had a bit of a stressed moment yet again over the weekend thinking about what was coming this week and Ryan reminded me that although I enjoy getting a great deal - it's not really relaxing.  I finally was honest with him in what I truly like to indulge in and that is a good magazine.  Yes, after clipping coupons for hours, I am the person that can justify spending anywhere from $5 on up for a pretty and appetizing magazine standing in the grocery store line.  I admitted to my friends and co-workers yesterday that magazines are my true indulgence and I need to get over the embarrassment.

Here's the great part!  Just as I own up to my indulgence, I get an email from TheKrazyCouponLady website and it says Real Simple magazine is on sale through amazon for $10 for 1 year (12 issues).  What??? Okay, first of all, I thought it was a scam.  2nd, I thought there was probably some insane shipping because I'm pretty sure one weekend ago I paid 4.99 for one issue.  So how could this possibly be true??? 

Well folks - it is true!  This deal is good on Amazon until Nov. 6th.  While I was on the website, I also found another great deal - Redbook for $10 for 24 issues.

Here's the breakdown:
Redbook: 24 issues for $10 - 42 cents an issue
Real Simple: 12 issues for $10 - 83 cents an issue

Then I went looking for some other magazine deals and was pleasantly surprised.  I went to the do-it-yourself website to order directly from them and got a 2 year subscription (2 years/8 issues) and was offered the bonus buy of Better Homes and Gardens for a year for $5 bucks!!!  Again, no shipping!
Do-It-Yourself - 8 issues for 19.97 - 2.50 an issue
Better Homes and Gardens - 12 issues for 5.00 - 42 cents an issue
Now if I could just get those people at clean eating magazine to forward my subscription to this house - I  miss my healthy recipes people!  So I've owned it - I've owned my magazine obsession and I'm putting it out there for you all to judge.   Happy shopping on Amazon for some great magazine deals!!!