Monday, November 1, 2010

Magazines Oh My!

I've been dabbling in coupons this week.  I had a bit of a stressed moment yet again over the weekend thinking about what was coming this week and Ryan reminded me that although I enjoy getting a great deal - it's not really relaxing.  I finally was honest with him in what I truly like to indulge in and that is a good magazine.  Yes, after clipping coupons for hours, I am the person that can justify spending anywhere from $5 on up for a pretty and appetizing magazine standing in the grocery store line.  I admitted to my friends and co-workers yesterday that magazines are my true indulgence and I need to get over the embarrassment.

Here's the great part!  Just as I own up to my indulgence, I get an email from TheKrazyCouponLady website and it says Real Simple magazine is on sale through amazon for $10 for 1 year (12 issues).  What??? Okay, first of all, I thought it was a scam.  2nd, I thought there was probably some insane shipping because I'm pretty sure one weekend ago I paid 4.99 for one issue.  So how could this possibly be true??? 

Well folks - it is true!  This deal is good on Amazon until Nov. 6th.  While I was on the website, I also found another great deal - Redbook for $10 for 24 issues.

Here's the breakdown:
Redbook: 24 issues for $10 - 42 cents an issue
Real Simple: 12 issues for $10 - 83 cents an issue

Then I went looking for some other magazine deals and was pleasantly surprised.  I went to the do-it-yourself website to order directly from them and got a 2 year subscription (2 years/8 issues) and was offered the bonus buy of Better Homes and Gardens for a year for $5 bucks!!!  Again, no shipping!
Do-It-Yourself - 8 issues for 19.97 - 2.50 an issue
Better Homes and Gardens - 12 issues for 5.00 - 42 cents an issue
Now if I could just get those people at clean eating magazine to forward my subscription to this house - I  miss my healthy recipes people!  So I've owned it - I've owned my magazine obsession and I'm putting it out there for you all to judge.   Happy shopping on Amazon for some great magazine deals!!!

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