Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Sale = No Posting

To any followers out there - I thought I needed to explain my recent absence and lack of posting.  Last week I pulled all of my clothes that are too big for me now together to start getting ready for a yard sale.  Well, Ryan and I knocked it all out in a matter of 2 days (2 very loooong days) and got it all organized.  I've been having Pre-Sale shopping appointments at my house this week and so far it's going very well!  Basically, I'm running a plus size consignment store out of our garage.  The scary thing is, I've sold more than 50 items of clothing, and it doesn't even look like a dent was made! (There were over 300 items to start!) The sizes I'm selling are 18-28 and 1x-3x.  Just a tip to anyone that is thinking of doing something like this - I color coded my items with red, yellow and blue electrical tape.  Each hanger got a different color and the color corresponds to the price of the item. All my items are 1, 3 or 5 dollars.  Name brand suit jackets from talbots or cold water creek would be an example of something that would get 5 dollars.  Shirts or sweaters from lane bryant might be 3 a piece and then tee-shirts from target would be 1 dollar.  The feedback that I've gotten is that all my "shoppers" LOVE the pricing system and love being able to pre-shop the sale.  Our Final Garage Sale Blow-out is June 19th, so if you don't see me posting until then... you'll know why.

Can't wait to clear this all out and start the shopping process of 16's and under!  Whoohoo =)

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