Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Aiden is here!

4 weeks ago today our little man arrived!  Aiden James was born on November 29th at 5:59pm.  He was just a little peanut weighing in at 6 pds 7oz and 20 inches long (Can I just say - I have no idea how people give birth to 9 pound babies!?!?!).

I had an absolutely wonderful delivery experience.  I know - part of you might be a little disappointed that I don't have some ridiculously insane horror story to share about the birth process that I would of course lace with humor as I retold it... but the experience was great from start to finish.

We were scheduled to be induced at 8am on Nov. 29th because I had extra fluid that showed up in the last 2 weeks of the pregnancy that they had not seen.  They were concerned about Aiden's well being if they left him in - so Mommy got her schedule!  The number one thing I did not want was Pitocin - but that's exactly what I got starting at 11:30am.  The good thing was I was already 2cm dilated when we checked in - so the pitocin just kicked it up a notch.  I had a turkey club sandwich at 12:30 because the doctor said it could take 1-4 days to put me into active labor.  I told the nurse and doctor that the baby would be out by 10pm and no later.  They looked at me like I was nuts and reminded me I couldn't exactly schedule this one.  Little did they know, I knew what I was talking about.  Dixon and Ryan believed me - so they started placing bets.  They were both guessing around 6pm or 8pm I think.

So to recap - pitocin at 11:30, turkey sandwich at 12:30, started walking the halls and bouncing on the ball (yes, I bounced on the damn ball) at 1:30, multiple "creative" phrases started flying from my mouth around 2pm, epidural at 2:30, BLISS by 3pm ... joking and laughing with the nurses because we were the PARTY room (no joke - they actually named us the party room and people hung out with us just because we were fun) from 3-5pm.  5pm I'm "checked" and the nurse says "umm... don't laugh anymore or you'll laugh this baby right out" - so of course that made me laugh and apparently she saw his head.  Doc came in by 5:25 when I started pushing and he was out by 5:59 : )  I think within about 3 minutes of his delivery I turned to Ryan and said "would you do this again... because I would!"  The drugs had NOT worn off yet. 

Here are my thoughts on natural childbirth: #1: it's not for me #2: medicine exists for a reason, I fully intend to use it 3#: It pays to have awesome nurses that get your sense of humor and have a hard time believing your a first time mom because you ask for the epidural upon walking into the joint (around this conservative area... everyone is all natural... blah!) #4: to each their own, but let me tell you ladies... I'm willing to have more children because I wasn't traumatized the first time around : ) #5: I wasn't a crazy B to my husband during the delivery process... instead, I was offering him half of my turkey sandwich and telling Ryan and Dixon to go get snacks about an hour before delivery because I was just "chillin".  Ahhhh - medical intervention - thank you very much!

After delivery thoughts - #1: Birth class should cover more of the after care and less of the "hee hee whoooos" - because when shit gets going, that's the last thing I'm thinking about (my calming color and vocal point that is).  #2: Please don't show a new mom and dad how to do everything to care for the baby within the first 4 hours after delivery... it really puts us at an unfair advantage.  I literally do not remember Aiden getting his first bath from the nurse because I was so out of it still - and I had an EASY labor compared to most! #3: although the hospital pads are nice (and by nice I mean free/provided) I did not bring my pants that accommodated a full on adult diaper/brick in my pants - so ladies, make sure to bring your own... and yes, you will need them (UGH!) and #4 (this one is for Ryan) - send a little card to the hubby's/support people ahead of time to let them know you keep the thermostat around 60 degrees for the mom's.  I was SOOO comfortable in that icebox with my raging hormones, however - Ryan said he was ready to cut glass : )  One dad down the hall even wore his wife's pink bathroom around - classic.

More to come now that our little guy is sleeping in more than 45 minute stretches... and of course, more pics!
Checking into the hospital after getting "suited" up
I wasn't joking about the turkey sandwich : )
About 1 minute after Aiden was born
Daddy and Aiden
Mommy and Aiden... SO HAPPY!
To see all of the pics from his hospital stay - feel free to visit my fb page by following this link

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Those things you wish they taught you in the birthing class sounds helpful (when I am thinking about it in like 5+ years!)