Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Krazy Coupon Lady...

So I have a confession...

My confession is not about food, it's not about hiding multiple pairs of shoes in a closet so my husband doesn't see them, and it's definitely not about some deep dark secret that I harbor.

My confession is that I LOVE COUPONS!!!

Alright, where to begin?  Recently, work has been hard.  Work has been really hard.  I've been coming home feeling totally uninspired and like I've lost my calling (Not the best feeling for a career counselor that spends her days helping others figure out their passion/calling).  Now I know that me losing my calling is not really true, because I still get my energy from helping students and offering them guidance - but the "administration" is out of control.  So much so that it makes me question every professional decision I've made in the last 2 years.  The good news, I have yet to question any personal decisions I've made in the last 5.... so at least something is working!

So my friends, husband and co-workers have been on a mission lately to find me a hobby.  I think this need for MY hobby comes to protect themselves from the regular venting and also a not so subtle attempt to redirect my energy towards something productive.  For any of you in my life circa 2008, you'll know that there was the brief stint with jewelry making.  As Ryan reminded me recently, I had a business account, tax ID number and over $1000 worth of beading supplies in the first 3 days.  What I did not have was 1 piece of jewelry made.  After reflecting on this and Ryan holding that lovely mirror right up to my nose - I've realized I enjoy logistics, planning and structure.  Scrap the creativity, scrap the dreaming - I want RESULTS people.  Thank you mom and dad for passing your exact personality types on to me ;)  ESTJ all the way!  The career counselors out there will know what I'm talking about.

Before I get into the specifics, I should tell you that with moving and everything else we want to accomplish in the next year - Ryan and I have really been watching our budget.  One of the ways we're watching that budget is trying to save money on regular things we buy or do.  For example, lunches during the week, cars being serviced at a particular location or shopping for new clothes (pant size is still changing about every 3-4 weeks!) using a great deal like buy 1 get 1 free.  The running joke is that I don't go anywhere unless there is a coupon.  And if there is a rewards card at the check out, you better prepare yourself for me signing up for it.  the other week I saved us over $130 bucks on groceries with clipping coupons and developing our grocery list off of the ad.  We like to visit Boston Market with our coupons and dine on their thanksgiving style food for less than 10 bucks for our "night out".  Yes, we live the high life.  We live in a world of Sunday paper excitement, a constant need for sharp scissors and my coupon organizer.

There were many ideas vetted as to what my hobby/passion outside of work should be before coming full circle back to coupons.  For reference, some ideas that were brewing included: 1 - Fresh floral arrangements for our house each week 2- painting on a canvas for the "collage" 3- photography 4 - event planner/consultant 5 - travel coordinator 6 - refinishing furniture 7 - stylist/design consultant 8 - the perpetual student... always a good fall back for me 9 - becoming addicted to some of my favorite magazines by ignoring reality and bury my head in them each night when I come home.  Real Simple... you know I'm talking to you!

Then one of my closest friends, Dixon, showed me a you tube clip of the Today show.  There were 2 women in the clip, Heather and Joanie.  Heather and Joanie are 2 stay at home mom's that were college roommates.  They are passionate about saving their families money by cutting coupons and shopping smart - any they now run a business and wrote a book called Krazy Coupon Lady.  They are passionate, energized and wanting to help others by passing along their information.  Sound familiar people???  Dixon showed me this clip because she thought these ladies were like me.  What she didn't know is that I'd jump all over this and get even more involved in coupons than I currently am. Do you know comforting it is to know that there are other Krazy's out there like you???
My current coupon book - only 13 categories.  This will grow I'm sure!
A picture with proof of some of the shenanigans Dixon and I get in to =)

So here's my plan... I plan to work through their website with tips, tutorials and binder creations to make sure I'm not missing anything in the world of coupons.  These ladies have their bases covered with this stuff.  Clearly, I'm not a beginner - but I'm going to start at the beginner tutorials - just so I don't miss anything ;)  I'll continue to post my findings, tips and other experiences as I embark on this journey.  Let me apologize in advance to any of you that I will be interacting with while on this Coupon Kraze...  yes, our destinations might be seriously impacted or influenced by my coupons.  No, I will not just forget about it and not worry about the extra 50 cents, I will always want that extra 50 cents back.  And maybe, just maybe... I'll start my own E-town/PA chapter or club of the Krazy Coupon Lady! 

Passion meets Practical = Mel's bliss

Shout out to my dad's cut off Velveeta box lid where he stored coupons growing up (and probably still does)

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