Sunday, October 23, 2011

I found boots... that ZIP!!!!

Mommy got her boots ; )
 Well hello October... 

This month has been absolutely crazy at work and we've been busy busy busy at home getting everything ready for the baby.  We celebrated our 3rd anniversary two weeks ago, went back to Iowa the first weekend in October for a wonderful baby shower (that post is coming... just waiting on the pictures from my sister!) and then we had homecoming weekend at the college last weekend.  This weekend is the first time we've gotten to do our normal weekend routine of running errands, laundry, dishes, etc.  I wish I had more ready to post, but that is an unrealistic expectation of myself right now and I'm doing my best to not dwell on any of those : )

Anyway... here's the reason for this post.  It gets back to why I started this blog in the first place.  Before I had surgery, I had a list of goals....  When I lose weight, I will be able to.... (fill in the blank).  There was a list of at least 20 things, but  some of them were to sit in a theater seat for a Broadway show and be able to actually fit (done!), be able to shop in a store other than lane bryant (done!), have a baby... (almost done ;) and other things.  One of them was to find a pair of boots that zipped up my leg.  This somewhat superficial quest has been going since I was a sophomore in college.  Ryan knows that he's be along for the ride for numerous shopping trips in the last 5 1/2 years that ended in tears, cursing or just plain disappointment.  I would have paid any amount - and I mean ANY amount if a pair would have zipped.  Part of it was def. due to my weight, the other part is I was blessed/cursed with my dad's HUGE calf muscles ... and when you carry around 300+ pounds for over 10 years, well - those muscles are pretty big and not meant for boots.

Yesterday Dixon and I went shopping.  We were at a store and I thought I'd try on their "extended calf boot" to see if it'd fit.  I thought surely it would considering I've lost 170 pounds... but nope!  Now I know I'm 5 weeks away from giving birth - but I have adorable maternity sweater dresses that are just dying to be worn people!  And what better way to rock that maternity sweater dress than with a pair of boots?  So as she was in the dressing room trying something on, I used my phone to google search extended calf boots (the spark for the search was back).  I got the usual suggestions for Dillards/Macy's/Bloomingdales/etc. for the $200+ boots.  But I've tried all of those and know they don't work.  Had they, they'd be in my closet right now... again, I don't care about the price - just that they zip!  Payless shoes also came up in my search... Yep - payless.  Did I have a coupon? No.  Do I care?  NO!  Again, I would have paid anything... but I only had to pay $29.99!!! 

I literally was squealing in the store with excitement.  Now picture this... maternity yoga pants pulled up above my knee, belly popping out like no other thanks to my little guy and adidas track jacket.  But when those babies zipped all the way up... I popped off that bench and started walking around the store in sheer joy!  (Special thanks to Dixon for not ditching me and my ridiculous self at that moment).  She obviously got how important the moment was because she snapped a picture of me buying my first pair of zip up boots... This one will for sure make it into the pregnancy book of pictures.  Our little guy will someday hear the story of how mommy ended her almost 10 year quest for boots with 5 weeks left to go of this pregnancy.

My only complaint... they don't come in brown!  (Seriously Payless... lets get on that!)  They do make them in brown in the regular sizes, but us extended calf girls will just have to rock our black ones!  Bring on the new outfits!!!  Here's a link if you're interested : )

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