Friday, October 28, 2011

Iowa Baby Shower

We have pictures!!!  Thanks to my sister for getting these uploaded : )  Our camera got smashed on the flight back to Iowa for the baby shower and mom and dad were running around so much during the shower that we've all been waiting on pics from Erin's camera.  They are finally here!  There are so many of them that there is no way to post them all to the blog.  So I've selected just a few and below is a link to my face book photo album that has the full 54 pics included. 

The theme of the shower was owls.  Erin knew how much I loved the owl baby stuff that is out there right now - but so much of it is not for little boys... it's just for little girls.  So she worked her magic and made an amazing event - all owl themed.  This girl (and my mom too) are seriously talented!  They made/did everything themselves except the cake.  That they ordered - but of course had very specific design requests : )

We had a great (quick) weekend at home.  Can't believe it's been 4 weeks since we were there.  One more way I'm realizing how close we are - 5 weeks and counting!  I'll post 35 week pics next : )  Thanks to my family for an amazing weekend/event.  It's one for the record books for sure!

Bottom left - acorn muffins in pumpkin flavor, top left - owl cake pops (yes, handmade), front center - owl sandwiches, back center - owl cake on a REAL tree stump thanks to Erin's use of a chain saw..., Front right - leaf and acorn sugar cookies handmade and frosted by mom and Erin, back right - homemade chocolates in the shape of squirrels and acorns that Erin made, back of the table - Erin's beautiful flower arrangements.  She made about 20 of these and they were found throughout the house.
My side of the family... waiting on #6 to join us!  From the left - Dad, Mom, Ryan, me (31 weeks pregnant here) and Erin.
Ryan's side of the family.  From the top left: Ryan's dad, our niece, Ryan, me (baby at 31 weeks), Ryan's mom, Ryan's sister holding our great niece. 
Close up of the owl pops... did I mention they made each of these by hand?!?  Carrot cake ball - then the stick is inserted.  Dipped individually in a fondue pot of chocolate - spun until dry.  Chocolate chips for ears, small chocolate candies for arms, flower sprinkles for feet and candy eyes and noses - all secured with extra fondue chocolate using a toothpick to apply.  They made 50 of them and probably spent at least 8-10 hours doing it!
The "check-in" table.  Every single detail was thought of.  I loved that Erin did the owl theme for everything, but nothing was overly cutesy or baby... just my style : ) 
Happy Happy Fitz Girls : )  Can't wait for Auntie Erin to meet her nephew!  (okay, I'll just keep focusing on the end result and do my best to ignore how we get to that point!)  She flies in Dec. 3rd - and she's predicting he'll be late.  If he takes after her, he will be late.  If he takes after Mommy and Daddy (us) - he'll be right on time or early ; )
And here is the link to all of the pictures from the shower - enjoy!

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