Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Bump: 35 weeks

5 weeks to go!!!  Serious braxton hicks are in full swing.  Baby is now head down - no more scheduling for this momma.  I'm probably one of the only people that was disappointed by this... but if you know me, you know I love my calendar.  Feeling really tired and I'm lucky if I sleep for 3 to 4 hours at a time.  Current strategy is to sleep for 3-4 hours when I get home from work and then try again in the middle of the night when the exhaustion sets back in. 

For those of you that are WLS pre or post op and are interested in my weight (I was when looking at people's blogs before surgery) I'm at 35 weeks and at 186 pounds (my high before surgery was 347 - at least that's the highest I saw on the scale... I know it was higher at one point).  I was 182 when we conceived.  My lowest in the pregnancy was 173 during the end of the first trimester.  I was told at the beginning of all of this - if I gained around 20-25 pounds, that'd be what they would expect from a healthy pregnancy (that came from my surgeon's office).  My OB's office is ecstatic that I've put on a total of 4 from when we conceived, but 13 from my low during the pregnancy.  I'm starting to feel the extra weight now for the first time.  My goal all along was to stay under 200 during the pregnancy.  Don't want to jinx it... but with 5 weeks left to go and not a lot of "room" in my tummy for extra food... I think I'll be able to do it!  I've stayed strong on not eating sugar throughout the pregnancy.  I feel strongly that once I cross that threshold - there will be no turning back (can I please mention that as I write this I'm about to fold!!!  Ryan is having cinnamon sticks as a well deserved end of the week treat right now and I'm about to jump out of my chair and take him out for a bite of one of those... must stay strong, must stay strong!).  I have full blown/legit hunger now and some serious cravings.  I just try hard to find something to satisfy them that I can have and if not... then I sleep or cut coupons!

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