Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stockpile and today's coupon run!

So yesterday morning, in a mode of avoiding grading final papers, I got the urge to reorganize my stockpile.  This is only one of my stock piles - the other 2 I have on the main floor of the house in the downstairs closet and the cupboards in the mudroom.  I organized the downstairs stockpiles about 4 weeks ago - but this upstairs one was SO overwhelming, I had been avoiding it.  Thank you spring fever for prompting me to get in gear with the upstairs one.  Oh, and the fact that Ryan had a cold this week and I KNEW I had a ton of medicine that would help him feel better - but found myself asking "which sack was that in again?"

Most of this stuff was bought for pennies in the last 5 months of couponing.  I can't begin to stress how much money we've saved!  And yes, I see how funny it might look to see me keeping my stockpile in beer cases - but hey, it keeps it organized!  There is too much to even begin listing what all is here - but I will say after taking this picture, I realized our Kleenex stock pile was a bit low.  I fixed that up this morning with my coupon run to CVS and Rite Aid.  See below : )
All of this for $4.45 Out of Pocket AND I earned over $13 in ECB/Up Rewards for my next trip.
What I scored this morning for $4.45:
1 box of stove top stuffing
8 boxes of kleenexes
1 bottle of John Frieda Volumizing spray
2 cadbury eggs
2 snickers eggs
3 greeting cards
1 pair of rounded tip cuticle scissors - perfect for trimming up Bentley's hair in between groomings
2 packs of dental/gum picks
4 - 8pks of band-aids, perfect to thrown in my purse for when I'm breaking in new spring shoes
1 colgate toothbrush
1 can of skintimate shave gel
1 physician's formula under eye concealer

How do I do it?
I girl on a mission + series planning with coupons and weekly ads = Success at the store walking about hardly paying anything!  Seriously though, if you want to know the full run down of any of the coupons I used, let me know and I'll give you the info. 

And now, I'm off to pack for a conference.  Either I'll use my free time while at the conference to post like crazy, or I'll be MIA.  I guess we shall see.  Have a great week everyone - and STAY WARM!  I am so sick of these temps in the 30's!  Bring on 50+. 

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