Monday, March 7, 2011

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwich

I was flying solo tonight for dinner because Ryan is in class.  I hit up the grocery store and saved some serious money in my 2 hour shopping trip (2 stores total) - but I was EXHAUSTED after work today and the shopping trip, so I needed something easy.  Does that happen to anyone else?  You buy enough food for at least 12-14 great recipes during the week and when you get home nothing looks good???  Anyway, that was where I was.  I knew I needed to up my protein for the day because I had a few bites of pork for lunch and some brown rice.  Not nearly enough.  So I looked in the fridge to see what I could come up with.  Before surgery, I would have NEVER eaten this, but needing protein makes a girl reconsider what she puts in her mouth - it was delicious! : )

1 whole wheat - 100 calorie english muffin
1 oz. of ham (I tried the oscar meyer carving board kind tonight, it worked great!)
2 slices of colby jack cheese
2 slices of turkey bacon
2 eggs (use with omelet maker - use 1/2 per sandwich) For pics and a link to buy omelet maker - check out this 2010 blog post

Toast english muffin.  Whisk eggs and cook in omelet maker for 3 minutes in microwave.  Cut omelet in half.  Stack in this order: 1/2 english muffin, 1 slice of cheese, 1 oz. of ham, 1/2 of egg, 2 slices of bacon, 1 slice of cheese and 1/2 english muffin.  Microwave sandwich for 30 seconds or until cheese is melted.  Yum!

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