Wednesday, July 28, 2010

and the no-cooking saga continues...

2 things to share this evening...

1) After a coupon driven/Ad shopping trip to the grocery store last night, I was ready to come home and get back in the kitchen full force.  And then our fridge died today!  Cold food is lost and we're back to beef jerky, pretzels, a loaf of bread and chips.  It's a sad state of affairs at our house, but luckily it happened after both sets of parents left and before work gets crazy for me again.  The lady that owns our house said she'd order a new one right away and have it delivered asap.  I'm thankful that work this week will be somewhat flexible so I can come and meet the delivery guys whenever they get here.


2) We've started training for a 5K!  Tonight was our first night of doing it out of the next 9 weeks.  We'll be doing the couch to 5k program 3 nights a week and by the 9th week we should be able to run 5k (a little over 3 miles) without stopping.  Tonight was actually another WOW moment for me!  First, I could actually jog/run.  I'm surprised my body remembered how to do that!  Maybe it was because I had reintroduced my body to being in a pool again this past week (it had been a LONG 12 years....)  I got new workout clothes when my mom was out and we were shopping.  Let me just say, I love Reebok Fit Dry clothes.  I'm currently in a size 18 capri/pant and their XL capris and pants fit me.  Of course they are tight - but hey, they are moisture wick work out pants that are intended to be tight!  They come in an XXL for anyone in the area that is interested.  I found 1 pair at Ross in York and got another pair at the Reebok outlet in Lancaster ($17 on sale).  I think I'll be going back for a 3rd pair of carpis so I have one for each day that we run.  They are really nice because they go about 3 or 4 inches below my knee - which means that none of my chub rubs together on my legs.  Who would have thought that this bundunka dunk butt could run without getting that horrible chub rub!?!

Things I noticed while I was running: 1) my chub on my arms bounces against my torso and it sounds like people are clapping.  Yep, I pretty much supply my own audience.  It's great!  2) My butt is still the largest thing on my shrinking body and it bounces onto my legs as I run... it kind of hurt and that was strange! 3) I'm wearing a non-wire cotton minimizer bra, a sports tank that has a double layered sports bra and I can't believe I'm saying this... the girls stayed in check and didn't hurt afterward - if anyone wants specific brands, let me know (Ryan did ask if I needed tape just in case of chaffing... that is a reference to Andy Bernard on the Office ;) 4) for the first time tonight, I put my I-pod to good use while my play list kept my butt going!!!!

For those that are still in disbelief that my butt was on a treadmill jogging/running (I kind of am)... below is a picture of the start of our 5K training.  Watch out 5K race runners in late October/early November... we could be coming to a race near you!

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