Sunday, April 24, 2011

Double Chocolate Filled Strawberries!

Oh my gosh, this was the best treat for our holiday today!  I found this recipe through the website in the diabetes section.  No, neither of us suffer from diabetes - but there are usually great low sugar recipes in this section.  I wanted to try something special for our "dessert" for Easter and this hit the spot.  These would be great to take to a work function and will transport well in my cupcake carrier.  Weis had strawberries last week Buy One Get One free that were HUGE.  They worked perfectly for this recipe.  I made slight modifications to the original Kraft recipe - what we used is below.
Cut strawberries before the filling - important to keep the strawberries in tact before you fill!
Piping the white chocolate mix into the strawberries.
After drizzling with chocolate, before putting them into the fridge to chill.

24 large strawberries
1/4 cup (or 2 oz.) of Philadelphia 1/3 less fat cream cheese
1 cup cold skim milk, divided
1 pkg. (1 oz.) Jell-o White Chocolate Flavor Fat Free Sugar Free Instant Pudding
1 cup thawed light cool whip topping
10 drops of lemon juice
4 squares of Baker's bittersweet Chocolate
Other items needed: cup cake trays (24 total), zip lock bag and 24 cup cake liners

1) Cut the stems off strawberries.  Cut "X" in bottom of each berry (this will be at the top); spread pieces apart to create opening in the center - try not to break any of the pieces off to leave the strawberry in tact.
2)Whisk cream cheese and 1/4 cup milk in medium bowl until well blended.  Gradually whisk in remaining milk. Add dry pudding mix; whisk 2 min. Stir in Cool Whip and add lemon juice.  Spoon into resealable plastic bag.
3) Cut small corner from bottom of bag; use to pipe filling into berries.  Melt chocolate in microwave (approx. 2 minutes for 4 squares) and drizzle over berries.  Chill in fridge for 15-30 minutes and serve!

And just for fun... this is what Bentley and I did the majority of Easter weekend when we had a chance : )
Happy Easter from Bentley and the rest of the fam!

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