Saturday, April 30, 2011


Not too much to post from this weekend, although I had high hopes when it started.  We ended up going out for dinner last night with Ms. Dixon to a Mexican place in Lancaster.  It was GOOD!  One of the best parts of dinner was when the woman at the table behind us said "If food falls in my cleavage, do I eat it or save it and feed it to the dogs?"  I swear - this was said and we all shared a look and then a good hard laugh.  We love moments where the 3 of us can honestly say to each other "where in the world do we live?!?"  We were thinking we'd go to a movie, but nothing was out that any of us wanted to see, so we ended up driving to a bowling alley in the middle of no where and played two games.  I of course lost, no big surprise there and Ryan and Dixon had alright games.  I'm pretty sure we all left with swollen thumbs and fingers that we'll be nursing the rest of the weekend. 
Date night at the bowling alley - classy shoes : )
This is the first Spring we've spent in this house.  One of the perks is this tree outside of our bedroom window that I get to wake up to each morning.  It just keeps getting better and better each day and I thought I'd share a few pictures while it is still so beautiful.  One of the perks of living in PA are all the flowering trees - we've never lived anywhere before where this happens all down the block on almost every kind of tree.  One of the downsides... my allergies have seriously brought their A game this season.  So far, it's been worth it.  Have a great weekend everyone - more food posts to come this week!

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