Sunday, May 8, 2011

16 month Before and After Pictures

Here they are - 16 month before and after pictures! I did a collage style this time around to see the progression.  The top left is the night before surgery (1-5-10, 327 lbs), top right is 6 months (7-4-10, 244 lbs), bottom left is 1 year (1-6-11, 195 lbs) and the bottom right are the most recent 16 month pictures (5-5-11, 177 lbs).  My highest weight was 347 (picture also included) and my current weight is 177.  When I started this journey, my ultimate goal that I never wanted to say out loud to anyone was to get to 180 or below.  It seemed impossible at the time and that number was something I only saw during my junior year of high school.  Some days it's hard to remember those 170 pounds that I've lost, but after compiling these pics tonight - it really hit home.  I really do think learning to cook and trying new recipes has been a HUGE part of my success.  My number one supporter (my hubby Ryan) has helped me along every step of the way - I couldn't do it without him!!!

Picture of high weight (347 lbs, July 2009)

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