Saturday, September 10, 2011

Couponing from today - CVS, RiteAid and Home Depot

3 stores (CVS, Home Depot, Rite Aid) overall average of 79% savings!!!
We got some great deals today using coupons and actually have some time tonight to post about them.  Also did some MAJOR damage at Target, but that post is coming next because the deals were just too awesome to not highlight on their own.

We went to 3 stores for these deals.  This was the second time this week that we went to CVS.  I went on Wednesday and got over $35 worth of stuff for 8 cents!  Yep, that's right... 8 cents!  Then the flood hit and well, posting just didn't happen.  You'll see below that we got the Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets.  I can not recommend these enough!  There are 22 to a pack and the sheet goes in with your wash in the washer and also the dryer.  When I think about how much time it saves, how easy it is and one less trip to the closet to get dryer sheets or measure out detergent - it's really the only way to go.  The "Pure" kind is hypoallergenic.  I have to have that with all of my allergies and I'd swear by it.  We use the scented ones for our guest towels or sheets in guest rooms.  No need for everyone else to have unscented just because I have to! 

So here's what we did today:

First Store - CVS:
x6 Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets: originally 8.79 each.  On sale for BOGO Free.
x2 Large bags of skittles.  originally 3.79 each.  On sale 2 for 6.

Used the following coupons:
x3 $1 off of 2 purex 3-in-1 sheets manufacturer coupons
x2 $1 off skittles candy bags
x1 $3.79 off skittles with a BOGO free coupon from the CRT machine at CVS
x3 $1 ECB's from previous purchase at CVS

Would have been: $60.32 retail
With coupons, sales and ECB's, Total OOP: $20.58
Total Savings: 66%    : )

Second Store - Home Depot:
x6 Magic Erasers, 1 ct. originally $1 each

Used the following coupons:
x5 $0.75 off magic eraser manufacturer coupons
x1 $1 off magic eraser manufacture coupon

Would have been: $6 retail
With coupons, Total OOP: $1.25
Total Savings: 79%    : )

Third Store - RiteAid:
x2 M+M's, originally $3.99 each.  On sale 2 for $5
x2 Carefree liners, originally $1.49 each.  On sale 2 for 2.

Used the following coupons:
x1 $1 off 2 bags of m+m's manufacturer coupon
x1 $1 off 1 bag of m+m's Rite Aid video value coupon
x2 $0.50 off 1 Carefree liner product manufacturer coupons
x3 $1 Rite Aid Up Rewards earned from previous transactions

Would have been: $10.96 retail
With coupons, Rite Aid video values and Rite Aid Up Rewards Total OOP: $1.00
AND I earned $3 in Up Rewards to use next time, so I'm up $2 for this transaction!
Total Savings: 91%    : )

Overall - that's an average of 79% saved between all 3 stores.  I'll take that any day!!!

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