Monday, September 5, 2011

Major Coupon Savings at Giant!

Saved 63% on groceries on Saturday : )
Unfortunately, I waited until Saturday night to go and take advantage of any of these deals at Giant.  That means that they have already passed - but I think it helps to post this stuff so people can see why I coupon and how my time of clipping, major organizing and pinching pennies is worth it.  This past week, Giant was running their $1 coupon doubler deal.  Let me explain...  Normally Giant will double any coupon up to $1.  For example, if I have a coupon for 55 cents, Giant will double that by kicking in an extra 45 cents (whatever takes me up to $1).  Which is why I LOVE finding and getting coupons for 1 item with 50 cents off, I know it's really going to be $1 off for me.  (Weis, our other grocery store that I shop at also has this same policy).  However, a few times a year, Giant will put coupons in their add for $1 coupons doubled up to $2.  There are only 4 per paper and you can only use 4 total attached to each Giant Bonus card (meaning they track you and won't let you double more than the original 4).  This is a great way to use $1 off manufacturer coupons and have them double to $2.  As far as I know, Giant does not allow for overages or money back, so it's important to plan to spend a little more than what you plan to save.  Here's how we did it this past Saturday:

Reynolds Aluminum Foil Wrap: $2.59
x2 Gold Fish Grahams $4.78, on sale for $3.20 for 2
Cottenelle Ultra Toilet Paper, 6 double rolls $4.89, on sale for $3.99
Giant Dill Pickles: 2.09
Giant brand paper towels $1.09, on sale for $1.00
Kando Pampers to-go baby wipes $1.67, on sale for $1.17
Bananas $1.36
x2 Alexia Harvest Frozen Vegetable Mix $ 6.38
Giant brand cream cheese $1.49
x2 Nexcare Active Bandages $3.98, on sale for $2.98
x2 Iron Kids Bread $4.98, on sale for $3.98

Coupons used:
$1 off Reynolds aluminum wrap manufacturer coupon
x2 $.55 off gold fish grahams printable coupon, doubled to x2 $1 off
$1 off Kando Pampers Product manufacturer coupon
$2.50 off Cottenelle Ultra Toilet Paper catalina coupon
x2 $1 off Alexia Frozen product printable coupon
x2 $1 off Nexcare bandage printable coupon
$1 off purchase of 2 iron kids bread manufacturer coupon
$1 off toilet paper in store purchase - catalina coupon
$1 off paper towel in store purchase - catalina coupon
x4 $1 off coupon doublers

Total retail would have been: $35.30
Total Saved with coupons and Giant Bonus Deals: $22.57
Total Paid OOP (with .16 cents in tax added): $12.89
Total Savings: 63%  (That's an awesome savings at the grocery store!!!  Anything over 40% I get excited about!)

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