Saturday, September 10, 2011

PA Flood 2011

Just a quick update for those of you that might be wondering... yes, we were in the PA Flood of 2011.  That makes for the 3rd natural disaster in 2 weeks.  I think we're just about done with those!  First was an earthquake, next was a hurricane and finally, we had a major flood when it rained for 72 hours straight here - over 14 inches of rain.  We consider ourselves lucky for a few reasons.  1) We were not evacuated 2) we kept power and "safe" drinking water the entire time 3) we were able to get anything we had in the basement out before it flooded 4) both of our college campuses were closed due to flooding, so we were able to be home and keep up with things here 5) the baby is not here yet!!!  I just kept thinking if this was 10 weeks from now and roads were getting washed out, I'd be freaking!

Below are some pics of what we were dealing with.  As of today (4 days later) our basement is drying out.  Again, we feel very lucky that our damage was minimal compared to most.

The broom we left down there is submerged up to the handle.

So lucky no major damage to major appliances including all of our heating systems.

We got a pump on the 2nd day at about 5pm and this is the start of that process... 2 days of pumping later, the basement is now drying out.

My job was to make sure the pump kept pumping the water far enough out into the backyard.  I couldn't be down in the flood water with being pregnant, so Ryan handled it all.  He's the best!

Near Ryan's campus... yes, that is my favorite CVS in the background.  Had to go to a different one in Lancaster today.  Lucky me that there is one on just about every corner around here!

Another picture of what it looked like around Ryan's campus.  Crazy!

This picture is from Hershey, PA - about 15 miles north of us.  The supercuts that Ryan goes to is behind this pizza hut, also flooded out... guess it will be a few more days until he gets his hair cut.

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