Monday, September 5, 2011

Maine Lobster in Pennsylvania for 2 Iowa natives

3 states came together for this summer extravaganza!  Our friend Dixon is originally from Maine.  Her parents were coming down to PA for a visit and held a lobster bake for us at the end of the summer.  Ryan and I realized it had been forever since we had been to a camp ground.  Despite the rainy conditions, we dug in and enjoyed our FRESH Maine lobster.  And by fresh, I mean I got to tell each one of them goodbye before they went in the pot.  Funny thing is, I wasn't upset or grossed out at all - in fact, I kind of enjoyed the whole thing.  Guess I'm more ready for a little boy than I might have originally thought : )  We ended the evening with a whoopie pie taste off.  Apparently there is some sort of argument going on between the states of Maine and PA arguing over who has the best/original whoopie pie.  None of the whoopie pies are WLS friendly, so I did not partake.  However, I was willing to be the score keeper.  We came in with a tie from our taste testers... 2 for MA, 2 for PA and 1 split decision.  Guess the war will rage on between the 2 states.  Think I'm kidding... there was seriously a rally held here about it!  Check it out here!

Here we are in action with our Lobsters:
Cooked and ready to be consumed... these suckers are a lot of work.  I'm estimating you can burn about half the calories just trying to eat one!

Cooking in the pot right after I told them each goodbye : )
Ryan was a pro at eating these - he was doing them in double time compared to anyone else!

After this shot was taken, I put mine back down on the plate and looked at it awhile longer before working up the courage to "break" in.  My fingers/thumbs only hurt for a few days after this : )

On the left we have red velvet PA whoopie pie and on the right we have a HUGE MA whoopie pie, also called a GOB.  Call it whatever you want... everyone but me was on a serious sugar high after these were "tested" : )

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Erin E. Fitzgerald said...

Sick! I do NOT approve of this!