Monday, September 5, 2011

New Hair Cut

I'm posting this mainly for myself (reference with the pictures) and for my family to show them my new hair cut.  If anyone else is reading and still cares, feel free to continue : ) 

before front view... ugh, looking so tired!
Before side view - holy crap this is BAD!
Before back/side view.  Note to self... go back to this picture anytime I'm thinking about growing it out again.  3 months of growing out got me to this hideous place AND my hair is growing super fast compared to normal!
After front view.  I swear, no additional make-up or anything else was applied - I just feel SO much better with it cut short.
After Back/Side view
After side view.  That stuff at the bottom was just needing to be combed down, it normally doesn't look like that : )
I got the nutty idea that I was going to try and grow out my hair with how fast it's been growing with me being pregnant.  Well this week I had enough of it and my friend said her lady here in town had an opening for the next day at 1pm.  I took the appointment and hoped for the best.  2 things happened.... 1) for the first time in over 4 years, I've finally found someone that I can trust to cut my hair!  I no longer will feel like it's a gamble each time I go (I've been switching almost every time between cuts in the last 4 years because I'm never quite happy AND 2) she has amazing rates!!!  $16 bucks for wash, cut and style.  With prices like that, I can afford to keep my hair short which means more frequent cuts/trims.  I guess that is one of the perks of living in a small college town (we sometimes are hard pressed to find those perks : )

If you're in the local area, check out Jebeny's facebook page to schedule your own cut!

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