Sunday, February 20, 2011

My version of Kettle Corn Popcorn

We were both wanting some sort of a sweet snack this afternoon.  We're tackling laundry, dishes, our laptops and the Daytona 500 - love these low key afternoon's.  I'll continue to stay in denial about how much work I have to get done before tomorrow morning.  I'm feeling like the oh crap moment will probably hit around 8pm this evening after dinner and I see an all-nighter ahead of me.  Anyway... I digress!  I honestly can't remember where I got this idea from, it might have been from my weight watcher days, I might have read about it in a magazine OR I just came up with it on my own because we're both craving a sweet snack.  Regardless of where it came from, it's delicious and easy.  The 2 things that make any sort of recipe go to the top of my list instantly!

1 bag of microwave popcorn
1/2 tbsp. of cinnamon - divided
8 packets of equal

Pop popcorn in microwave.  Shake into large bowl.  While popcorn is still hot, sprinkle with 1/2 of cinnamon mixture and 4 packets of equal.  "fluff" popcorn in bowl by lightly tossing it.  Once the popcorn on top of the bowl looks plain again, sprinkle with remaining cinnamon and 4 packets of equal.  Shake until well mixed and serve.


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