Sunday, February 20, 2011

New coupon organizer and props to

I recently purchased a new coupon organizer.  About 4 weeks ago it arrived in the mail and I am a very happy girl!  Was the binder system hyper organized, yes.  Was the binder system too cumbersome and heavy to get used on a regular basis - yes and yes!  So I did a little SWOT analysis on my coupon organizing system and came up with this:  I need something that lets me organize by section, something that doesn't weigh more than my dog AND something that is a little less embarrassing to carry into the store with me.

And this, my friends, brings me to my new friend: The MEGA coupon organizer.  I bought this from a woman (Deb) on  If you're unfamiliar with etsy, it's a website to buy handmade goods and support artists without all the store mark-ups or prices.  I love it because often the artists are willing to customize what you order.  Deb, also known as GlowGirl, was absolutely amazing to work with.  She was working for over a week on a removable strap system - but we ended up scratching that because I knew I'd be packing mine full and we were worried about the weight.  She had it shipped right away and was awesome about keeping in contact throughout the process.  She was recently featured on Etsy, so her sales have boomed - but through it all, she was so great.  If I order another one, I'm going to get the Autumn Paisley pattern - I couldn't make up my mind.  I've been using the new organizer for the last 3 weeks and it's been great so far.  Thank goodness I got the MEGA one - mine is already busting at the seems!

Want to see another great artist on  Check out my sister's site and then also check out her blog - this girl is doing some cool things with her business, Chicken Scratch Studio and she'll let you buy any of it, I'm sure!  ; )

Here are pics of my little beauty:
Packed full
Yep, we got a work out with today's shopping trip and the coupons we needed to score some awesome deals!
Love this feature of the bag - it lets you attach it to the cart so all your coupons are easily sortable.  I normally hook mine to the "kid" seat, but this Giant cart has a crazy Realtor advertisement that wouldn't let me attach it.  And no, I don't keep drugs with me to shop!  That's my little case for paper clips to keep all my deals pulled together!


Erin E. Fitzgerald said...

Yay - thanks for the links! Glad to see you're using Etsy to buy awesome stuff! :) I'm sure you'll have more coupon bags in a few months!

Green(ish) Mommy said...

This is pretty cool and I LOVE it! I only wish I could find a more kid-friendly couponing option (for going to the store). Normally my husband comes with me or stays home with the babies but he's out of town this week so I had to take them with me and since both are 2 and under, they have to be IN the cart which leaves no place for the binder! If you find/know of a solution let me know!