Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super Bowl Consignment Sale

What'd you do super bowl weekend???

Yes, we had the game on and had Miss Dixon over.  But the highlight of the day for me was this awesome little sale that our consignment store (Now Wear This) does around here every Super Bowl Sunday.  They run the sale from 11am-5pm.  I've never gone before (because we didn't live that close the other years), but had I known the AWESOME deals - I would have been making the trip every year. 

Let me try and set the scene for you.  I go at Noon on that Sunday thinking I have plenty of time.  I get there and there are cars parked along 743! (For those of you reading that aren't from here or don't live near by, it's a busy highway stretch that goes out of E-town towards Hershey.)  I lucked out and got a "real" parking spot because someone was leaving.  This store has plenty of parking so I was totally caught off guard.  Let me just say, the staff at the store was extremely professional and nice and oh so helpful for a mega shopper like me.  I've been consigning my clothes there for the last year and have had a great experience all around.  They are REALLY strict and will only take name brand items that are in season and in excellent condition.  I can't stress this enough - excellent condition is a must have, it's what keeps me shopping there time and time again. 

Shopping like this is a true trip because nothing in the store is the same and I'm in just about every size they have in there.  Let me explain...
I can still wear Size 14w. pants from the plus size section.  In dresses and suits, I can wear anything from a M - XL or 12-16 (putting me in both sections again). Depending on the bottoms, I wear a petite or regular cut - so I'm looking through 12-16 in "regular" sizes in skirts, capris, jeans, pants and khakis.  Tops, I can wear anything from a 10-14 or M-XL depending on the cut or style.  Then I shop the accessories and the shoes.  And by the time it's all said and done... I have amassed a HUGE amount of possibilities that I take with me to the dressing room to try on (there was a bit of a line, but I didn't complain -I knew I'd be causing that line by trying everything on!)

I walked away with 14 items for $150 bucks. Over 1/2 of the items had never been worn and still had the original store tags on them.  The sale was 20% off everything in the store (no exclusions) and 30% off "winter" items.  Strangely enough - one of the "springiest" things I got was the only thing considered "winter".  Whatever, I'm not complaining.  13 items at 20% off and 1 item at 30% off for already low consignment prices makes me a happy happy girl.

Pics of the awesome finds are below (I've also thrown in 2 pictures of Kohl's finds from that weekend too!)
Black jumper and multi-colored cardigan - wore this to work last week, it was a hit! Dress was new with tags.
Spring/Summer wrap dress - super flattering and J-Crew sweater.  Ryan said I am channeling Jackie O. in the sweater, but I like it!  Sweater was new with tags.
Black Pencil Skirt, Black dress slacks and v-neck, long style shirt.  Skirt and shirt, new with tags.
Flower child button down shirt - very light weight, will be perfect for warm spring days, green and white sweater set with matching shell (this is what was "winter" and light pink cardigan.  Flower shirt and green and white sweater -new w/ tags.
Black baby doll dress, will be cute with boots and tights next season if necessary and red spring/summer sun dress.  Both new with tags.

Hard to see, but Dark Purple coldwater creek blazer.  (New with tags 89.95, I scored it for less than $20!)

Starting Top Left: burgundy pumps from kohls, nine west open toe sandals from consignment, brown leather shoes from kohls and naturalizer black flats from kohls.  Total for all 4 pairs of shoes: $50 : )

Kohls deals: Chaps skirt for $9 and Chaps sweater for $4.  booya!
Debut of first outfit from deals:
Total outfit cost: $35 (this includes, tights, shoes, sweater and jumper)

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