Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow storm what???

Alright, we live in PA - so we're not going to get slammed with a snowstorm like some areas of the Midwest are getting this weekend.  But we did have 2 snow storms this year and I took a few pictures to "document" what constitutes as a snow storm out here.  My favorite part of getting this much snow - Bentley gets suited up in his snowsuit.  Yes, our dog has his own snowsuit.  And yes, his name is embroidered on the side of the neck area... but get over it!  He is 6.5 pounds and needs an extra layer to not freeze when he's doing his business.  I searched high and low for a snow suit that had 4 legs for dogs.  So many of them only have the front little arms - because of Bentley's fur and how the snow sticks, we need to get as much covered as we can.  It's essentially a onesy for a dog.  Alright, it's out there... I'm prepared for the comments but will stand firm that it is seriously one of the best things we've purchased for him!

Want one for your pup?  I used  The woman's name is Vicky and she was able to customize so many things for us.  I got to pick the color, give her his exact measurements and pick the color of his name being embroidered (I wanted to make sure it matched is collar and leash... of course!).  We ended up paying about $40 for everything (including shipping).  Let me tell you, this is about half the price of what something would cost from PetSmart or Petco - and those are not customized. I can't recommend her service enough.  A great idea for a gift of a new dog owner too.  But maybe a gift certificate if it's a new puppy - they won't be that size forever!
The little guy wanting to go out and play in the snow...
All suited up in his snowsuit - ready to go! (Tail and feet still stick out)
The backyard - we lost quite a few branches from these trees about half way through the day.
The other side of the backyard with the garage... yes, all trees are still standing - thank god!
The poor neighbors are snowed into their lot!

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Thank you so much for the kind words. Give Bentley a hug from his friends at