Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cape Cod Vacation: Beach, Candlepin Bowling, Mini Golf

On Wednesday it was finally warm enough to spend some time outside.  Warm is relative because the high that day was 67, but the sun was out and it felt "warm".  We went to the beach around lunch and then headed about 45 minutes down the road to Orleans, MA where they had candle-pin bowling and a great mini-golf course.
I thought I'd start with a funny one.  We were sitting on the beach, minding our own business and these 2 couples came up and stood right in front of us blocking our view.  Ryan took a picture saying it looked like a Cialis commercial... ah vacation memories!
Can't keep my fish out of water - even though the water was FREEZING!  I on the other hand was in a jacket sitting on the beach bundled up :)
Hard to tell, but these were seals swimming right off the coast of the beach we were at.
Ryan's first, and maybe only, lobster roll.  One of those "have to try it while we're here" things
Mini golf course in Orleans, MA- so nice!
The OLDEST bowling alley we've ever seen or been to. The start of our candle-pin bowling adventure.
Did I mention this place was OLD?!?
You can't really tell, but the balls are really small and the pins are stick straight.  You get 3 tries for each frame in this version of the game, but that doesn't mean the scores are higher.

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