Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whale Watch from Cape Cod

And we're back!  We had a great 7 days on Cape Cod - but it's good to be home.  The best day we had on our trip was Thursday (just happened to be my birthday :) when we went on our whale watching tour.  Ryan took video on the cruise and I was in charge of pictures.  I'm still sorting through ALL the pics we took this past week, but Ryan is on top of his game and got the video pieced together with some commentary.  It's a little long at 15 minutes, but we saw over 70 whale sitings!  The tour guide said the day was really unusual with how many we saw and how close they were.  We feel lucky that it was our first whale watch with it being so great.  Another blog post is coming soon with other pics and musings from our trip and a recent shopping trip at Target where we used some SERIOUS coupons to save a lot of money.  In other news, the woodworking/remodeling/decorating projects are in full swing.  I'm waiting to post some of those pics until we have full before and afters - they should be good!  We still have at least a month until we find out the sex of the baby, so we're trying to get all the other "house" projects done before I flip into mommy mode setting up the nursery.  Hope you enjoy the video - we enjoyed our time in Cape Cod (Provincetown, MA).

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Anonymous said...

Great video!!
Must have been fantastic to see in person!!