Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunscreen Deal at Rite Aid - through Saturday June 11th!

Borrowed this picture from another blogger because I did not have time to take a pic of my products this morning before leaving the house.
 For anyone that knows me, you know I have super sensitive skin.  Especially went it comes to the sun.  I've been WAITING patiently for a good sunscreen deal before we leave on vacation this weekend and one finally came up at RiteAid this week.  It took some planning (and there was one glitch) but all in all, it was a good trip.  The best part is that I was able to get Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreen products in really high SPF's.  This is key because if I go with different brands, I'll end up with some other crazy rash problem and potentially a sunburn on top of it... been there, done that.  I also wanted to get a motion sickness bracelet to help with the tail end of my morning sickness/car sickness and boat sickness if we go out on the water.  Needed some easy to travel with finger nail polish remover pads (these are amazing if you haven't tried them - and they won't spill in your luggage and ruin the rest of your products... promise!)  Also grabbed some bug spray for the trip and 3 greeting cards. 

Alright, so here's the run down.  I did this deal last night and let me start with the glitch I referenced earlier. My $15 up rewards after spending $50 on qualifying skin care items did not show up. The clerk told me to call the 1800 number to ask for assistance. I did and they told me it would take 48 hours to show up in their system and that then I would see it on the bottom of my next receipt. Having read on the blogs about some other people doing this deal - it looks like it was printing for other people. GRRR!!! Either way, it's still a good deal and I WILL be following up about the additional $15 UpRewards that are owed to me. Here's what I did (I had a 3rd transaction because I was trying to use up my UpRewards before we leave on vacation - didn't bother rerouting my plan when the extra $15 in UpRewards didn't come through from transaction #2).

1st Transaction:

2 - 85 SPF Neutrogena Lotions - 11.99 each

1 - 70 SPF Neutrogena Sport Face - 10.99

***Used (3) $2 off printable Neutrogena coupons

(1) $1 off rite aid video value Neutrogena coupon

(1) $1 off rite aid video value non-prescription purchase coupon

(1) $1.50 coupon from the Rite Aid flyer

$3 of $15 for survey

$8 in UPR from Sunday's Shopping

Total before coupons - $34.97 - $12.50 in coupons - $8 in UPR + 1.26 tax = $15.73 OOP

Got back the $10 for $30 in Neutrogena products to roll into transaction #2.

2nd Transaction:

1 Aveeno Face Sunblock 30 SPF - $10.99

1 Aveeno Body Sunblock 80 SPF - $11.99

1 Aveeno Body Sunblock 70 SPF - $10.99

***Used (1) $3 off 2 Aveeno sun care items coupon

(1) $1 off rite aid video value Aveeno coupon

(1) $1.50 off Aveeno active naturals sun care item coupon

(1) $1.50 coupon from the Rite Aid flyer

$10 in UPR from 1st Transaction

Total before coupons - $33.97 - $7 in coupons - $10 UPR from 1st transaction + .96 cents tax = $17.93OOP

Got back the second $10 for $30 in Aveeno products and did not get the $15 when you spend $50 - described above. The good news is, I have the bottom of my 3rd receipt from transaction #3 showing that I spent $68.94 total on Skin Care Items (before coupons) - so the system did track it somehow!

3rd Transaction (trying to use up my UPR and I didn't want to put everything back).

1 Aculife motion sickness band (for our trip and because I'm prego!) - $8.99

2 American Greeting Cards - $3.99 each

1 American Greeting Card - $2.99

1 Cutter brand bug spray (for our trip) - $5.99

2 Rite Aid Brand Nail polish Remover Pads, 10 ct. box - $3.49 each (BOGO Free)

*** Used (1) $1.50 off cutter brand product coupon

(1) $1 off American Greeting Card printable coupon

$10 in UPR from 2nd Transaction

Total before coupons - $29.44 - $2.50 in coupons - $10 UPR from 2nd transaction + .72 cents tax = $17.66 OOP (Ugh - I so wish that $15 UPR would have printed so my final transaction would have been under $3! - oh well, I'll get them next time :)

I earned $3 UPR on this 3rd transaction from the greeting cards, and got another $3 off of $15 survey to take. That will come in handy once I do get those $15 UPR.
Total Sunscreen cost (counting the $15 up rewards that are missing currently):
Retail: $68.94  What I paid - including UPR and Coupons: $8.66  I saved over $60 bucks! and got each of the sunscreens for less than $1.45 a piece.

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