Monday, June 27, 2011

Cape Cod Vacation: Whale Watch/Birthday

Thursday during our trip was my 29th birthday.  We celebrated by going on the best whale watching tour and out to a really nice dinner at this place called Mews in Provincetown, MA.  Below are some pics of our day :)  To see the video of the whale watching tour that Ryan pieced together (much better than my snap shots) visit my previous blogpost with the video clip.
Ryan managed to have wonderfully wrapped b-day presents for me in the morning... so sweet!  And he hauled it all with us from PA :)
The start of our day.  Not sure what is going on with the cabinet being open.  I think I opened it but was too short to shut it :)
The Dolphin IX, our whale watching boat.
The most whales we saw at once were 9 - I can't stress how cool the video is on an early blog post.  It does our trip much more justice than these snap shots.
Windblown on the boat... but not sea sick!
There was this crazy old guy sitting in front of us during the trip.  He was speaking Japanese or Chinese (we're not sure) - he was at least 75 years old, but was THUGGED out in his apparel.  We had to take a picture of his shoes to remember this man.  He gave us many many laughs :)
Our first encounter with scallops.  We split this plate when we got off the boat.  Consider we were less than 20 feet from the water, we figured they were "fresh" and safe to try.  We actually both really liked them.  It's a lot like chicken and very healthy.  Not much of a "fishy" taste at all.
Ryan's dessert at Mews came with instructions - it was hilarious!

The people at Mews were so great - they accommodated my no sugar request for my birthday dessert.
Mommy at #29 / Baby at week 16 :)

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