Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nearly Free Greeting Cards at Giant this week!

Just ran to Giant over my lunch hour and scored an awesome deal on Hallmark Greeting Cards!!!  This deal is good through Saturday (6/25/11).  If you're a "local reader" you should get on this deal!!!

Right now, Giant is running a promo for $5 off your total purchase if you buy 3 Hallmark greeting cards.  This excludes 99 cent cards.  I looked through just about every type of card they have and the lowest I was able to find was $1.49 a piece.  Remember, Giant does not give cash back for overages - so if you go with 3 - $1.49 cards, you're going to need to get a candy bar or pack of gum too.  I ended up buying 6 cards total, and did them in 2 separate transactions because I wasn't sure if it would take it off twice in the same order.  Self checkout might be the way to go if you want to do a lot of transactions and stock up on some cards : )

Here's what I did:
3 Hallmark Cards at $1.99 each
Giant offers an automatic 10% discount on Hallmark cards everyday, so all 3 cards were $1.79 each
- $5 promo
= .37cents + .03 cents in tax = 40 cents total for 3 cards!!!

I didn't have time today to keep reading cards, but I plan to go back sometime before Saturday and stock-up :)  Happy Shopping!

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