Saturday, August 6, 2011

20% off at Kohls this weekend - major clearance sales!

There is a 20% Kohl's coupon that you can use in store this weekend - over and over and over again (think multiple stores!).  They've just recently clearanced out a lot of their spring/summer stuff to make room for fall.  Should make for some good deals.  No restrictions as usual and awesome return policy if what you get doesn't workout.  You can also earn $10 cash back for every $50 you spend. 
Click this link, to take you to Saving with Shellie's page.  From there you'll click on the link that says 20% off coupon and it will pull up a separate screen that you can print it from.  Its a general coupon, so anyone can use it.
Ryan and I went tonight to stock up on little boy clothes for this summer.  I've found that I can shop the sales about 9-10 months ahead of time to buy for next year at Kohl's.  I wait for 70% or 80% off on clearance and then also wait for a 20% or 30% off coupon.  Everything I got was 6-9 months, 9 months and 2 pairs of shorts that looked small at 12 months.  Even if we have a little "chunker" on our hands, he will be 6 months in May and able to wear this stuff in May/June.  My hope is it will carry him through August/September - but we shall see.  
And now for the fun part - pics of what we got!
5 tees and shorts outfits
5 one piece rompers and 1 onesie/overall outfit
2 t-shirts, 4 polo onesies, 2 onesies (puppy pirate/Daddy and I say Mommy is the boss :), 9 pairs of shorts
Retail cost: $380
We paid $103.76 and earned $20 bucks back in Kohl's cash that we can use starting Wed. August 10th.
Net cost: $83.76
Savings of: 78% : )

If I can get our little guy $100 bucks of clothes that will last him every 3 months or so, we should be able to make the budget work!  Happy shopping!

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