Friday, August 5, 2011

Baby Bump: Week 21 & Week 23

My sister has said that my "normal" clothes are not showing my baby bump enough.  Well, I'm on a mission to take more "bump" worthy pictures and I guess you all get to benefit that we have to keep our family up to date with pictures because of the distance.  Today I am yet again in "normal" clothes and not maternity clothes, but the bump is showing just a bit more.  Look real close... just a bit : )  Still not gaining weight (docs aren't concerned) - but the body is changing.  Oh, and the final little note - I look insanely tired from week 21 to week 23.  You can totally tell this little guy is keeping me up all hours of the night.  If I get 4 hours of sleep a night right now, I'm lucky.  Our little monkey enjoys doing his flips in the night and sleeps perfectly during the day!


SWieneke said...

I love your blog- terrific ideas.

Your baby bump is too cute. I hope you are feeling well!

Erin E. Fitzgerald said...

Weak Sauce! I want a spandex Cat suit Picture! Come on now :) hah, like the dress though!