Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lantern Mobile for Nursery

Our finished project.  It's going to hang above the glider and ottoman so our little guy has something to look at when he's being fed and falling asleep.
I saw something similar to this project in a magazine.  I went online and started shopping around and found what I thought were reasonable prices on for someone else to make a paper lantern mobile for us for the nursery.  I could customize my colors on these websites and request specific sizes.  The catch was I wasn't sure what I was ordering would look right (how do you know if you want 10 inch or 14 inch lanterns without having them there???) or if the colors would be right for the room.  Ryan and I set out to do it ourselves and I'm pleased to say I think it came out better than what we would have bought online and MUCH cheaper.  To order something like this online and have it shipped to us was over $100 (with my picks of colors/sizes) - to do this ourselves was a whopping $25.47 AND we have 6 left over lanterns to use at a later time if we want to!

Here's how we did it:
3 pk of 14" lanterns from Party City (bought in brown, green and white): 6.99 each x3
1 pk of 10" lanterns from Michaels (bought 3 in green and 3 in white): 75 cents each with 25% off coupon x6
5 white screw in hooks (had from an old project at the other house)
Clear Fishing Line (came in the packs of lanterns from Party City)
One of my inspiration pictures - clearly, for this child, we were not doing the pink : )

Looking up at the mobile from the bottom/floor view.
The supplies before the project started.  Less than $26 bucks total!
Different lantern sizes up close.

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