Saturday, August 6, 2011

Custom Made Window Box/Radiator Cover in Nursery

The finished product - thanks honey!!!
We live in an OLD house!  Originally built in 1902.  There is a lot of charm, but with that charm comes annoying things like radiators in every room upstairs and oil heat (boo to the budget on that one!).  I was concerned about having an exposed radiator in the baby's room for 2 reasons: 1) The aesthetic of the original radiator is horrible 2) Once our little guy starts crawling around, the last thing we want is him wrapping his fingers around the inside to pull himself up.  I dreamt up what I wanted and asked hubby to do this for us.  Ryan is GREAT and specking out plans and making it work.  I knew I wanted it flush against the window so it looked like a small window box.  It's not a true window seat, but I have some ideas for that space - those will come : )

The beginning... Isn't it lovely how it's off center from the window?  That doesn't fit with our Type A personalities - we like things centered and in line : )  Oh, we also replaced the ugly light fixture - pics of that will come.
The inside of the box.  Ryan supported it with L and T brackets and used basic lumber to build it.  Can you see how he notched out the bottom to fit the baseboard and pipes perfectly?  A-Mazing!
The front of the box, before the top was screwed on and painted.
Supplies needed for this project:
Wood to build the box: $20 from Lowe's lumber department
Metal Radiator Cover Screen: $7.50 (on clearance at Lowe's)
White spray paint: $4 from Lowe's
Hardware needed to assemble: $8
Already had white paint and poly-acrylic sealer from changing table redo.
Total cost: $39.50 (our goal was to do it under $50)

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