Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nursery is DONE! Pictures included : )

I'm not even going to bother with a description to start - let's get to the good stuff... the pictures!  Cost breakdown and explanations are below.  (These will be the last pics of the nursery until our little guy is born, Dec. 1st due date!  We have some name specific decorating we plan on doing, but because we are keeping the name a secret - we won't be posting any more pictures until after he is born). 

View from the door into the room.  The room is the first room on the right at the top of the stairs.  We actually have 5 bedrooms in this house, but our bedroom shares the wall that the changing table is on.  I think we'll hear about every coo and cry there is to be heard.
Changing Table and Glider/Feeding area with paper lantern mobile.  Links to how we did it are below.
Window box that Ryan built.  Perfectly centered and even with the window - just like we both wanted it.  (links below)
Amazing 4 in 1 crib, a gift from both sets of Grandparents - it's the only new piece of furniture we bought for the room.
The mobile (rigged up so it's level - the arm of the crib has an arch) and a shot of the bumpers/monkey sheet.
Monkey security blanket and stuffed musical giraffe waiting for our little guy in the crib.
White refinished dresser/goodwill lamp/sale mirror & high school CD player - links below : )  Dresser was only $20!

Oh - it feels SO good to get those posted!  This nursery has been a vision in our heads for the last 4 months, but just since we found out we were having a boy in the middle of July - it got kicked into high gear!  I did have a few helpless moments where I was certain it wouldn't come together, but my trusty sidekick hubby would throw in some encouraging words and get me through.  (The same way I would when the project list seemed never ending for him : )

A few things guided the creation of this room.  The first was the color on the walls.  It was like this when we moved in and Ryan asked (more than a few times) that he not have to repaint the room if at all possible.  He's had a lot of painting to do in this house, so I totally understood and we both liked the color.  The next thing that gave us direction was the white 9 drawer dresser, white mirror and white end table that we already had from our last house, refinished of course.  We wanted to try and save some cost by using those in the nursery.  Finally, the piece that nearly sealed the deal was an awesome 8x10 area rug from Lowe's.  It was on clearance for $67 (was over $200)!!!  Now if you've been shopping for an 8x10 gender neutral rug, you'll know that these are nearly impossible to find and I was expecting to need to pay over $500 at the pottery barn outlet store or simply go without a rug.  Nothing was wrong with the rug, just the last one - must have been meant for us ; )

Alright, here we go with the run down:
Lowe's 8x10 soft green area rug on clearance: $67
Rebuilt/Redone changing table with accessories: $158
Craigslist Glider/Ottoman: $100
Balulu 8 piece bedding set from BabiesRUs with 20% off coupon: $118
Ceiling fan with light included from Lowe's: $34
Ceiling tray for fan on clearance at Lowe's: $12
Lantern Mobile: $25
Window Box/Radiator Cover: $39
Total Out of Pocket Cost: $553 (Our original goal was to keep it under $1000!)

Items we already had/re-purposed/or were gifts:
  • Wall hanging above changing table is actually the comforter that comes with the bedding set.
  • Blanket over the chair with polka-dots also came with the bedding set
  • White curtains were in the room when we moved into the house as was the picture rail around half of the room.
  • White end table and lamp in the corner next to the crib are pieces we had in a guest room in our last house. ($6 for that end table : )
  • White, 3 picture, hand print/foot print frame (originally gave this as a gift to my friend Carley.  They screwed up on the original order and sent her a brand new one.  She gave me the original one back and about 3 months later we were pregnant ; ) To buy, go here.
  • Mobile, bumpers, crib skirt, fitted sheet, monkey security blanket came with the bedding set.
  • Giraffe stuffed animal in crib was a gift from my parents long before they knew the theme or what gender the baby was going to be.
  • Waterproof mattress pad (not pictured because it's on the bed) is a gift from Ryan's parents.
  • Beautiful crib and mattress are a joint gift from both sets of grandparents - it was the only NEW thing I absolutely wanted in the room.  Here is a link to the crib.  It's a 4 in 1 and should last us for years to come!
  • White, 9 drawer dresser, we had from a guest room in our old house.  Paid $20 for it at goodwill originally.
  • Mirror was from another room in our house.  We got that mirror from Lowe's about 3 years ago on sale for $70.
  • Green glass bottle lamp that says No. 5 (our lucky number) was from Goodwill for $6.  Shade was from another thrift store for $1.  I bought this lamp over a year ago and finally have a reason to use it!  Ryan would tell you I collect lamps and dressers like it's my job ; )
  • CD Player - mine from high school that has gotten moved to 4 different states and a bazillion houses in the last 12 years - but should work perfectly for the baby.
Only major project left with the room - a total closet redo.  It's a very shallow closet that is of course original with the 1902 house. We're going to need to get creative to fit hanging bars and an organization system in there.  It's one of the next projects on the list though : )

This room is such a calm and soothing place.  We both love it and Bentley has made himself right at home on the carpet.  He's already hiding a few bones in there so he has something to do when we're up at all hours of the night with feedings and changings.  Can't wait!

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