Saturday, August 6, 2011

Changing Table for Nursery - Ryan's Redo!

The finished product!  To see how I made the custom chalkboard totes to fit the changing table, click here.
The changing table empty, without the totes or anything on top.
I've mentioned more than a few times how my amazing hubby has been remaking the changing table out of an old piece of furniture we had.  We bought this old hutch off of craigslist about 3 years ago for $75.  We had it in our loft area at our old house, but never had room for it in this house.  It was all one solid piece when it started, so to remake it - Ryan had to cut everything apart (very carefully) and then rebuild.  He rebuilt, sanded, used wood filler, painted many lovely coats of white paint and sealed with poly-acrylic sealer to make this all happen.  It is the perfect height for both of us - something that is hard to do considering I'm so flipping short (ok, 5'4", but short enough). He did this all in the crazy heat of July in the garage and it meant so much to me that he did this. He had MULTIPLE projects going that will start to be featured in the coming weeks as we are just now starting to wrap some of this stuff up.  Once again, he made my vision come true!  Enjoy the before and afters!
The original hutch with top at the old house.  The top pieces became the back and the top of the newly made piece.
In the garage before the top and back had been rebuilt.  Looking ROUGH!  But we had a vision :)
Ryan in the garage sanding after he had rebuilt the dresser - it was SO hot!

And just one last time... the finished product : )
Cost breakdown:
Items we already had: hutch, wood filler, misc. hardware, sander and necessary tools.
White paint: $15
Poly-Acrylic Sealer: $17
Chalkboard Totes Project: $91
Changing table pad and cover: $35 from BabiesRUs (used x2, 20% off coupons)
Total Cost with ALL accessories: $158 + Ryan's countless hours of work

Cost for the one we were considering at BabiesRUs originally $579 with NO Accessories! To view that one, click here.

Savings of at least $425 if not more!

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