Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dresser and End Table Redo for Nursery

Unfortunately, we do not have "before" pictures of these 2 pieces, but they are too awesome not to post about!  Both are goodwill finds that Ryan refinished for the FIRST time in our old house.  He has since put a new coat of white paint on each and sealed them with poly-acrylic sealer for the baby's room.  You will not believe the prices on these pieces... First, the pics!
Can you believe we bought these pieces 3 months apart and they match this well?  $20 bucks - seriously, $20 bucks!
And here's our $6 find with a similar bottom to match the dresser.  These were so horrible when we bought them - I WISH we had before pics to do them true justice!
Alright, so here is the story on these 2 pieces.  The big 9 drawer dresser is a Bassett Furniture Company dresser.  It was in horrible condition when we bought it from goodwill for $20 bucks.  It was so huge, our back end didn't close on my SUV to drive it home.  We used a bit of twine and drove VERY slowly.  This was probably the 3rd big piece of furniture we had bought since we met to refinish.  (I won't tell you what number we're on now because there is a slight chance my hubby is reading this and I don't want to draw attention to that number ; ) None of the drawers closed - not one.  Ryan had to rebuild all of the bottoms of the drawers, sand and put them on new tracks.  Now they are smooth as silk : )

The end table was found 3 months later at a goodwill store about an hour away from the original store.  These 2 pieces are not from the same furniture set, but I knew the bottoms would be close enough that it would work.  It was horribly stained on the top and again, the drawer at the bottom as all jacked up.  I paid $6 for this and was able to carry it to my car by myself - meaning I didn't have to call and ask for help on this purchase.  Just had some explaining to do when I pulled into the garage!

Here is the breakdown on cost (this will not be factored in to the nursery cost because we had these):
9 drawer dresser: $20 goodwill
End table: $6 goodwill
Wood/tracks to fix drawers: $30
Paint: $15 (sealer we had)
New dresser crystal/silver hardware: $72
Total cost for both pieces: $143.  

We will have these for YEARS in the kid's rooms or in guest rooms and I'll always have the memories of doing these projects together.  (Again, I do a lot of the dreaming and organizing after the fact - Ryan does the project labor with A LOT of love <3

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