Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Glider/Ottoman for the Nursery - Thank you Craigslist!

Obviously not set up in the nursery yet - just a picture of it in the mud room where it got put for the night before we carry it upstairs.  The nursery is still very much a work in progress - but pics to come!
Ryan and I have been shopping around the last few months to wrap our mind around what we want for the nursery - and let me tell you, everything is CRAZY expensive!  We are refinishing/building almost all of the furniture for the nursery so we can say "Mommy and Daddy made this for you" and so we can save some $.  The two items we were planning on actually purchasing from the store were the Glider/Ottoman set and the crib.  We're still going to need to buy the crib from the store, but thanks to an awesome find on craigslist - we have the glider and ottoman!!! 

This is the exact chair we wanted from BabiesRUs, and the set for the Glider/Ottoman at the store was over $500.  We scored this from a really nice family that was done using it (for only a short period of time) for $100 buckaroos!  Whoohoo!!! Very happy right now and will be even happier rocking our little one in a great chair that didn't break the bank : )

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