Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Diaper Stock Up Prices

If you've been reading the blog the last few months, I'm sure you've noticed a few couponing posts where I mentioned that I got diapers.  Well, I've gotten a lot of diapers.  When we first found out we were pregnant at the end of March, I did some major research as to what the "stock-up" prices are of diapers.  Some people go the natural route and do the cloth diaper thing to save money, but frankly, the idea of that makes me sick!  I don't need nasty poo running through our washer.  Trust me, I'd want a new washer and THAT would be more expensive than diapers : )

About a week ago when I was organizing my stock pile, I decided to count up how many diapers we have, and after that little game of fun - I think I'm done... for awhile : ) We should have all we need to get us through the first few months.  Below is a list of what diapers we have, but before that list is my "stock-up" price guidelines.  It doesn't matter what promotion or coupon I have, if I can't get them this cheap - I don't get them!  (Oh, and I've gotten them cheaper than what's listed below too ; )

I carry this around with me in my coupon organizer on a little note card so I can remember exactly what my "stock-up" prices are!
Brand Name Diaper Stock Up Prices (like Huggies, Pampers, etc.):
Newborn: 25 cents per diaper
Size 1: 10 cents per diaper
Size 2: 12 cents per diaper
Size 3: 16 cents per diaper
Size 4: 19 cents per diaper
Size 5: 21 cents per diaper
Size 6: 25 cents per diaper

And drumroll please....  We currently have 1,667 diapers as of July 1st.  3 months of stocking up = not bad!
Here's what we have (All huggies brand):

Pure and natural Newborn 60(2 pkgs)

Little snugglers Newborn 180 (5 pkgs)
Total= 240 newborn (10 per day, 24 days or 3.5 weeks)

Little snugglers size 1 80 (2 pkgs)
Snug and dry size 1 600 (12 pkgs)
Pure and natural size 1 33 (1 pkgs)
Total= 713 size 1 (8 per day, 89 days or 12.5 weeks)

Snug and dry size 1-2 228 (1box)
Total= 228 size 1-2 (8 per day, 28 days, 4 weeks)

Little snugglers size 2 252 (7 pkgs)
Pure and natural size 2 30 (1 pkg)
Total= 282 size 2 (8 per day, 35 days, 5 weeks)

Snug and dry size 3 204 (3 pkgs, 1 box)
Total= 204 size 3 (6 per day, 34 days, 5 weeks)

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