Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Target is AWESOME this week! Sales are good until Saturday 7/16

Ms. Dixon and I recently made a trip to Target and we used some SERIOUS coupons.  Now I have to be honest, I made 2 trips in 1 day.  2 different stores.  And I plan to go back later this week for some more deals (I'll post what I hope to get later at the end of this post).  This is back to school season stock up and we rocked it!  This is just my stash, she had a stash of her own.  Oh, and remember the other night when I said Ryan was checking out a new computer at Staples when I scored our almost free office supplies there?  Well, he got one.  So now I have even one more computer to use to print coupons (usually 2 prints allowed per computer per coupon).  Watch out people!  : )  And yes, you can call me hardcore.  I've started to accept it.  Here's the breakdown:

Scotch Tape (400 inch rolls) 1.79 each - bought 4.  Used x4 $1 off scotch tape coupons and x4 50 cents off target coupons.  Total cost, 29 cents per roll.  (Side note, they do have $1 tape (250 inches) available in their school section that would let you get it for free - but I wanted more inches!)  Go to the scotch brand website for scotch brand coupons.

Scotch Scissors - 8 inch, 1.99 each - bought 5.  Used x5 $1 off scotch scissors coupon.  Total cost, 99 cents per pair of scissors.

Papermate 10 pack of pens - 1.02 each - bought 3.  Used x3 $1 off coupons from target site.  Total cost, 2 cents each.

60 photos from the automatic print kiosk in the store on sale this week 10 cents a print.  I used 3 coupons from the target website, $2 off of 20 prints, meaning I paid nothing for getting 60 pictures printed!

Sharpie 2 pk of markers - 1.00 each - bought 3.  Used x3 $1 off coupons from target site, total cost, nothing!

Sharpie 2 pk of highlighters - 1.12 each - bought 1.  Used x1 $1 off coupon from target site, total cost, 12 cents.

Sharpie 2 pk of fine tip permanent markers - 1.54 each - bought 2.  Used x2 $1 off coupon from target site, total cost 54 cents each.

Hefty One Zip bags, 22 ct - 1.99 each - bought 2.  Used x2 $1 off target coupon and $1 off of 2 manufacturer coupon.  Paid 99 cents for both boxes!

Papermate Ballpoint Pen 2 packs - 1.44 each - bought 3.  Used x3 $1 off target coupons, total cost, 44 cents each.  (These are our favorite - and Ryan always says I steal his pens ; )  Now we'll have plenty!

Crystal Light boxes, 10 ct of ready mix drink packets - 2 each - bought 4.  Used x4 $1 off manufacturer's coupons and x1 $1 off of 4 crystal light products target coupon.  Paid $3 for all 4 boxes.

Total cost would have been: $39.72 (before tax)
Total cost WAS: $7.73 (before tax)
That's a savings of 81% : )

Here's what I'm going back for this week:
More pictures!  I have 2 more coupons, so I'll get 40 more pictures for free.
2 more boxes of hefty zip lock bags (will be 99 cents total for both boxes with coupons).
1 Benadryl itch stick.  This week they are $2.28 and I have a $2 off manufactures coupon, making it 28 cents.
2 more packs of sharpie highlights or markers - whatever they have available.  Anywhere from free - 44 cents a pack depending on what I get.
2 more packs of papermate ballpoint pens - 4 more will never hurt to have around the house.  44 cents each for these with coupons.
Sierra Mist 12 packs are on sale for 2.75 each.  There is a $1 off coupon on the target site, making each 12 pk 1.75.  Ryan likes this stuff and 1.75 is considered a "stock up price".  I plan to get 4 more 12 pks. I did this deal before (3 total), but didn't include it in the picture on this post.
And here is the BIG ONE!  There is a $2 off coupon on pillows right now on the target website.  They have pillows for 2.50 each.  That means you can get a bedroom pillow for 50 cents!  I plan to get 6 and replace the ones in our guest rooms : )  Can't beat 6 standard size pillows for 3 bucks :)  I'll post once I get this next Target trip underway. 


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Alana said...

Oh - I wish I live in the USA to be able to get in on these deals!!