Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sneak Peek - Vanity Chair is done!!!

We've been getting busy this weekend with projects around the house.  Ryan is hard at work painting the furniture that he built and/or refinished.  I have pics of those to come once we get them set up in the right rooms.  He finished the window box/radiator box for the baby's room - it looks amazing.  Not sure if you'll remember, but Ryan offered to redo my walk-in closet for my birthday.  There has been a TON of demolition and work in there.  3 coats of yellow paint - and now he's down to the last coat of white paint to finish off the trim. 

I had found an awesome vanity on craigslist for 15 bucks that I posted about earlier.  While we were on vacation in Cape Cod - I was in search of a vanity chair/bench/stool.  I was hitting dead ends all over the place. My loving hubby was willing to go in every antique and second hand store my lovely little smart phone could find (I'm sure there was a point where he regretted ever suggesting we got those phones : )  We stopped at a goodwill in Milford, CT after our last night on the road.  He said "you really want to go to a goodwill?"  I said - "It's worth a try at this point, then I promise I'm done!"  Well, I'm so glad we stopped! 

We found this chair that has now been refinished into my beautiful vanity chair for my "mommy only room"  or my "glamie room" depending on what we call it (I want to install a chandelier at some point... hence the glamie reference).  We paid $12 bucks for the chair and I paid $10.99 for 2 yards of the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics using a 50% off coupon I had.  We used the same white paint that Ryan was already using to paint the actual vanity.  No extra padding needed - just ripped the old cover off and reupholstered with the new fabric using a staple gun.  Total cost = $23.   I'm SO excited about this room and the pictures to come : )  ENJOY!
The before of the $12 goodwill chair with lovely "pleather" covering that was ripped.

The finished product!  LOVE MY HUSBAND!!!  I'll post about the new rugs and wall color soon - disregard the green painters tape still on the walls - the trim is almost done : )
We make a good pair - I dream up the ideas, he brings the skill (and patience) and we get it done on a budget.  I'm working on redoing lamps for the baby's room - I hope to post those before and afters later this week.  More to come!

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