Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Full Disclosure

Alright, this is a true story.  We had chicken pot pie leftovers for dinner tonight.  (By the way, I figured out today that 1/8th of that pie is 107 calories based on the 2/3rd's filling that I used to make it - just in case you were wondering).  Anyway, after dinner, we went out to run errands.  On the way home, we both commented how hungry we were and that we were wanting some sort of a snack.  The proof is in the pudding... I definitely am pregnant!  Okay, not pudding literally, although that was a consideration when I was considering what my food victims would be.  Below are my choices...19 weeks tomorrow :)
Cantaloupe, Doritos, fiber plus Eggo waffle with peanut butter, and whole wheat toast. - YUM!
And for those of you wondering, why in the world is she putting this on her blog?  Ryan said to me as I was making my plate "Are you going to post this on your blog?"  I said no... why would I?  He said with a smile "you post everything else".  So this one is for you honey!

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Erin E. Fitzgerald said...

Gross! haha i can't wait 2 see what u eat in the upcoming months! ;-)