Friday, July 29, 2011

My sister promoting her business on TV - so proud!

Erin on the Paula Sands Live Show in the Quad Cities
My sister was on TV yesterday promoting her business on the Paula Sands Live TV Show.  I couldn't be more proud of her!  She started this business a few years ago and works tirelessly in the evenings and on the weekends to make it happen.  She still works a full time job during the day and then runs this great business on the side.  Knowing Erin, she will someday be selling her autograph like she always told us she would, but for now, I wanted to take a moment to highlight her awesome work and talent!

Here is a link to the TV clip - it's only a couple minutes so give it a look!  (No spam involved, promise - just a local Iowa news channel link.  You'll probably have to watch a funny little commercial before the clip starts, 15-20 seconds long).

Her business is called ChickenScratchStudio.  She makes all kinds of products, but originally started working with fused glass jewelry.  She teaches classes (click the link for more info) to all age groups so they can create artwork of their own.  Some of my favorite non-jewelry items she makes are her flower brooches/headbands (if we were going to have a girl - she was going to make these like crazy for me!) wine bottle stoppers and meat & cheese trays

She has a blog of her own that she writes that is a little about her business and mostly about her life (she's an artist and we're very different... keep that in mind ; )  She creates, I coupon.  It works for us.  She has a shop on where you can buy her jewelry directly (Check her shop out here)  I'm getting on her right now to upload more of her product to the store online.  During summer market season it's hard because she sells so much on the weekends, and every piece is original, it's difficult to keep an up to date stock online.  She promised me she'll get on it!  If there is a certain color combination you're looking for to compliment to an outfit, she's great at doing custom pieces - just ask!  Oh, and she has sold internationally too!

One of my favorite pictures of the 2 of us - it's on my desk at work right now : )
Alright, I'm done bragging. Just a proud proud moment for this big sis to share. : )

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