Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've decided it's time to give back the same way that other people's blogs helped me as I was researching and considering WLS! I was very nervous that my life as I knew it would end - and now that I'm only 3 months out... I'm here to say that is not true!!! This experience has so far been incredible and I can't imagine what else there is along this journey. My goal is to post recipes that are WLS friendly - and EASY! As anyone in my family would tell you, I'm no cook. Part of the reason I ended up being 347 pounds is that I didn't know how to cook and I HATE trying things that I'm not "good" at. So I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone and I'm determined to help others in a way I never thought I would - advice on cooking (from my inexperienced perspective). Oh, and I'll probably throw in a little sass and attitude too. It wouldn't be my life if there wasn't a little drama here and there =) I've posted my before picture and where I'm at currently. My before is from July 2009 at 347 pounds. My "now" is from April 2010 at 274 pounds. I hadn't looked at these until today - and that was a WOW moment!!!

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Amanda said...

Thank you so much for starting this blog. I actually found you on the Obesityhelp website and realized you had a blogspot blog like myself. If you would like to know more about me..check my blog out, as well. Bariatric surgery has been on my mind for quite some time. I just now started doing the research. I love your journey and what it all entails. I think I will be able to learn a lot from you and your experience. Didn't want you to think that I'm the stalker type. HA HA! So I thought I'd write ya and warn you that I'm looking. We have a similar background it seems and I look forward to getting knowing you better. Thanks again for sharing your journey with the world!