Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy Deals This Week!!!

I told Ryan, "this is going to be a good week"... and I even surprised myself!  Once again, this is hitting up CVS and RiteAid.  Other stores that I hope to visit this week would be BabiesRUs (for lotion, nothing baby for me), Target, CVS in Harrisburg and RiteAid in Harrisburg to get the items I couldn't get at our stores around here.

Quick Recap of cost and savings:
Retail would have been $345.53 / I spent $62.43.  That means I saved 82% whoohoo!!!!

CVS is having crazy sales on their makeup.  I never really spoil myself with trying new makeup, at least I haven't in the last few years.  So today, with my 10% of beauty purchase, plus coupons and some awesome deals on 50% or 75% off on discontinued makeup - I got some GREAT makeup at a fraction of the cost.  Pictures and full break down are below.  This is everything I got at CVS and RiteAid today.
Saved 82%!!!
6 - 12 pks of diet pepsi/mt. dew (Retail $31.14)
25 - make-up items (Retail $241.85)
2 - candy bars (Retail $2.48)
Birthday card (Retail $2.79)
6 - pkgs of stayfree pads (Retail $23.94)
14 - pure protein bars (Retail $20.86)
Eye drops (Retail $10.49)
2 - Motrin PM, 20ct. (Retail $11.98)
I paid $62.43 : )

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