Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stock up on this Sunday's paper!

This weekend there *should* be 4 inserts in the Sunday paper (depending on location, this can vary and the coupons inside can vary - but most of these look like national coupons).

There will be 2 red plum inserts, 1 smart source insert and 1 P&G insert with up to $98 worth of savings in the P&G alone!  Go here for a list of the nationally advertised coupons in all 4 inserts.  Look through the list and decide if $2 a paper is worth it.  I plan to get 3 extra in addition to the 1 paper I already subscribe to.  I justify this by knowing I can save AT LEAST $6 (the cost of 3 extra papers) - but who am I kidding, I can probably save at least $60 if I shop the deals and sales right.  And remember, I only buy what brands we need or use (yes, I'm still a brand snob, even in my couponing - and that is why I will NEVER be a Krazy Coupon Lady... they are not brand snobs like me : ).

Another little exciting thing I wanted to pass along to you all was a recommendation to buy the February edtion of Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  If you've been following my blog, you'll probably remember that I got a 1 year subscription of this magazine for $5 (check that post out here!).  For those of you that didn't jump on that deal - I have another deal for you!

 Right now on, there is a coupon for 50 cents off the February issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  If you buy your magazine at Weis or Giant (or any other grocery store that automtically doubles coupons up to $1) you'll get $1 off the list price of $3.99.  Brining your total cost to $2.99. 

Alright, so why am I pushing a magazine for $2.99???  Because it is stocked FULL of great coupons, yummy looking recipes and some fun articles about how to use color in your home.  The recipes and decorating with color tips are just a bonus - I'm in it for the coupons! 

So here's why it's worth it:
  • BOGO Free at Ruby Tuesday - Save up to $10 on 1 meal when you purchase another meal
  • 55 cents off minute made rice - use at a store that doubles up to $1.  I use this at Giant, which means I get 2 cups of minute rice for 68 cents (featured on a previous post here)
  • 1.50 off any two glade scented oil candles
  • 1.00 off any two glade 4 oz. candles
  • 1.00 package of sara lee meat from deli section or 1 pd. at deli counter
  • 50 cents off 1 package of egglands best eggs - wait for a sale and double at giant or weis, this will make for a great deal
  • 1 off any 2 lindsay olives
  • 2 off an Cetaphil product
  • 1 off Campbell's V8 soup
A total Magazine coupon savings of $18.55 OR $19.50 if you are able to double rice and egg coupons.
For people that are part of the WLS community - I can find a TON of things on the Ruby Tuesday menu that I can have, so Ryan and I love to get this coupon.  He can get his 2 minis and the salad bar and I can order grilled chicken with fresh vegetables or the salamon with vegetables.  Yay for a cheap date night!

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