Thursday, January 6, 2011

1 Year pictures are here!

Yesterday (Jan. 5, 2011) marked my 1 year anniversary of my surgery.  Tonight I went to support group and received my purple ribbon to signify more than 125 pounds lost.  I've had a really great experience  and all my hard work is paying off. Not sure I'm ready to be reflective quite yet (that usually happens on the weekend when I can think straight) but as they say - a picture is worth 1,000 words.  Okay, 4 pictures - but I think each one is worth it : )

Highest weight ever: 347 (to see me at 347, visit my first blog post)
Doctor Consult weight: 341 / Size 28 and 3x
Surgery weight: 326 (328 on hospital scale)
1 year weight: 195 / Size 14 and M/L

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Erin E. Fitzgerald said...

WHOOOOOOT - You look great! Go get'em tiger :)! Proud of you! (Your awesome sister! ) ;)