Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Menu 1/24

Here is the weekly menu.. we'll see if this all gets tackled!
  • Turkey and Stuffing Bake
  • Quick Shrimp Scampi
  • Turkey Meatloaf
  • Chicken Stir Fry
  • Omelets
  • Deconstructed Lasagna
  • Tuna Melts
I thought I'd explain how I plan our weekly menu.  First, I look at the meat/protein that we have in the freezer/fridge.  Then I try to find at least 3 new recipes to try and throw in 2 or 3 staples that are easy to make for those hectic nights.  Then I go through the Weis and Giant ads and look for good deals on the ingredients I need for the recipes and also for good deals that are worth stocking up on.  I make an itemized list of items at each store that are worth buying.  I also make sure I have the staples on the list like bread or other things that we need for lunch or breakfast.

For anyone around here, here are the deals I'm seeing at Weis and Giant this week that I'm interested in (not my full grocery list, but close):
Dole Salads or Complete kits: BOGO Free
Giant Bottom Round or Rump Roast: BOGO Free
Giant Fresh Pork Tenderloin: BOGO Free
Lay’s Classic Potato Chips: BOGO Free
Chicken of the Sea, 5oz can: 10 for 10 or 69cents (green can)
Campbell’s Condensed Soup: 10 for 10 (coupons here)
Campbell’s Tomato soup: 4 for 2 (Coupons here)
Entenmann’s Donut Shoppe Donuts: BOGO Free
Tyson All Natural Chicken Nuggets, Tenders or Patties: BOGO Free (Not sure on this one - but coupons?)
Fuze 18.5oz: 10 for 10 (MY FAVORITE DRINK!)
Giant Sour Cream: 3 for 4
Asparagus: 2.99 per pound
Sweet Red Peppers: 2.49 per pound
Nature’s Promise Laura’s Lean Ground Beef: 4.29 per pound (Coupon for this)
Giant Cottage Cheese: 2 for 4
Heluva good Chunk Cheese: 3 for 5
Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges: 2 for 4
Birds Eye Steam fresh vegetables: 3 for 5 (Coupon here)

Strawberries: BOGO Free
Fresh Express Salad: BOGO Free (coupon on top of this)
Green Giant Vegetables: 10 for 10 (coupons on this)
Nabisco Snack Crackers: 1.99 (coupons - time to stack up on Wheat Thins!)
Weis Shredded Cheese: 2 for 4
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches: 2 for 8 (Major coupons to use up here)
Celery: 1.50 each
Weis Grape Tomatoes: BOGO Free
Green Bell Peppers or Cucumbers: 10 for 10
Sweet Cherries: 3.99 per pound
Sunbird Seasoning Packets: 10 for 10 (what we use for stir fry)
Rhodes Rolls: 2.29 (coupons to use)
Quaker Instant Oatmeal: 4 for 8 (must buy 4) (Coupons to use here, should be about $1 a box)
Buy 5 Old El Paso products and get $2.99 of ground beef free (I think coupons for Old El Paso)
Del Monte Fruit: 10 for 10 (Love the no sugar added kind)
Del Monte Tomatoes: 10 for 10
Del Monte Vegetables: 4 for 3 (coupon for these)
Buy One Greeting Card: Get One Free (I think this is limit of 1, but I'm going to check)
Purina Beggin Strips: 4 for 10 (Major coupons to use here :)
Utz chips: BOGO Free
Heluva Good Dip: 2 for 3 (coupons here)

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